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iBuumerang is a PRIB-based (, Travel Industry collective founded by CEO, Mr. Holton Buggs. iBuumerang was soft launched March 1, 2019 and formally launched August 30, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV USA.  Since that time the company has been shattering network marketing records in multiple travel industry categories and is fast becoming a global leader in the travel and direct selling space.

* Over 30,000 Active Travel Ambassadors

* Over $10 million in commissions paid to TSAs

* Over 215,00 charitable servings of nutritious meals to under-nourished children

* Sponsorship of a community center and playground renovated in Columbia that serves 4,000 children annually

"While the numbers are good and exciting, we are much more exited about what's behind the numbers - people who's lives are being impacted greatly by being part of iBuumerang!" -- Mr. Holton Buggs (


The mission of iBuumerang is simple: Deliver good will in the form of travel savings and reward our Travel Savings Ambassadors (TSAs) with travel savings bonuses in cash.  The vision is to create a consumer-centric model, focusing on an exceptional customer journey and experience.

By creating a worldwide movement of TSAs, we will empower people from all around the globe to live life to the fullest, earn residual income via the PRIBTM (Perpetual Residual Income Builder) and leave a legacy for future generations.

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